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Galina's Handmade

Hello, I'm Galina and I'm the founder of Galina’s Handmade, a unique and affordable handmade accessory company.

Like all things I love, Galina's Handmade was born on a whim, nurtured by passion.

This is an online shop operated in a home studio in Orlando, Florida, United States. Our mission is to create unique handmade accessories that bring a stunning and unforgettable look!

My products are specializing in unique designs with passion and attention to detail. The source of my creativity is fueled by many things such as nature, travel, textiles and all colorful things. All pieces are carefully collaborated and handcrafted to different materials from all over the world such as freshwater pearls, gemstones, pearls, crystals, fabrics and more to create unique pieces.
I am very grateful to work doing what I love. I think it is amazing when I am sharing my creations with others and see smiles reflected in the glow of others who are thrilled to have my product.


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