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How to choose our jewelry for perfect vision?

There is so many inspiring and beautiful jewelry on the market but the question is, which ones will add the best touches to your vision.

Stitched Pendant Necklace

The perfect way to give more personality to our outfit has always been the right choice of jewelry.

So here are six golden rules for wearing jewelry:

  • 1. Every jewelry should add value to your overall vision.

Too many accessories are a common mistake, but the same is when you are not using more and well-chosen jewelry for your style.

And remember: just because an accessory is very beautiful does not mean you should wear it with any outfit and just because you are a serious professional does not mean you cannot have fun with your jewelry.

Purple Agate Necklace

The big accessories look the best on simple clothes. This means stick to neutral colors of clothes, especially when the jewels are very rich and colorful. Cocktail rings, big bracelets, and necklaces are designed to make eye-catching. The key to wearing them is the combination of simple clothing that ensures the right balance of the overall vision. Hanging earrings and metal bracelets look great together. The same goes for a long necklace and cocktail ring. The wide necklaces with many stones, as well as the modern choker, beautiful on clothes that cover the shoulders. Avoid all collars, scarf, brooches, and ornaments. When you decide to put a magnificent necklace, the earrings should be simple or not at all. If you choose them to be your big thing, you better forget about the necklace. It is acceptable to combine a set of several pieces if it is really a set of jewelry and if it really meets the occasion and the event. Heavy jewelry combinations are usually for official occasions.

Simple and delicate jewelry is designed for clothes with an asymmetric design, bright color and of course, print.

Silver Lotus Necklace

  • 2. Every piece of jewelry you put on yourself must be proportional to the shape of the body and the features of your face.

The key to success is to be able to direct your eyes to you. The choice of jewelry can maintain or divert this purpose and the size of each individual accessory part or overall layout play a key role. Avoid wearing large earrings, be it with real diamonds or imitation that they just close and overload the ear!

Crysal Flower Earrings

  • 3. Each jewel must be in tune with your look and color.

It is important to choose jewelry that not only looks great for you but also helps you stand out. If you like the color of precious metals and the glitter of precious stones, choose such jewelry that comes close to your natural skin color.

Rose Vintage Choker

  • 4. Pay attention to your palms.

When wearing a big ring (or more stones ring) you should know that all attention will be attracted to the movement of your hands.

Avoid wearing jewelry with too many colors and details when your manicure is in several shades, there are drawings or brocade.

Wood Adjustable Ring

  • 5. Decorate your hands carefully

Bracelets are a great choice when wearing a simple one-color top with a long sleeve. The same goes for strikes and toes when your hands are naked. Stick to a single bracelet to catch your eye.

When you wear thin metal bracelets, you can afford to combine as much as you want, but only on one hand.

Rose Wrap Leather Jewelry

  • 6. Every jewel must be selected for the occasion.

Today's style rules are much more lenient than in the past, even at work. It is now acceptable to wear any type of jewelry and accessories during the day. A sophisticated crystal necklace can be an ideal accessory for a day of meetings, but if you want to convince some or all your audience in your thesis, this jewel probably will not be a good idea - the shimmer will rather distract rather than draw attention to you. You can combine different variations, but it is also important that accessories are in tune with clothing, with the rule that the contrast between the two is complimentary.

Now what?

Follow rules 1-6 above and voila! Now, you know how to wear your jewelry for perfect vision - easy-peasy.

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xoxo, Galina

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