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Three Proven Tips for a Better Online Shopping

Online shopping increases with years - only one click to get a product but here are

3 online shopping tips to keep in mind the next time you're browsing.

1. Look at the details

Prefer purchasing from sites that have detailed information about the product you will buy.

Would I purposely pick the wrong size? No, but you might be overlooking valuable information. For instance:

Rose Lace Choker

It is incredibly helpful when the store tells you what size the model is wearing.

It can also be helpful to check the materials.

2. Check the return policy

Many sites offer items whose delivery price is included in the product's price.

Often, these sites also provide a prepaid return label for the purchase if you are not satisfied with it (but you would still have to pay for shipping and mail it yourself, which is annoying and time-consuming). For other online sellers, delivery is not included in the basic price and depending on the destination, you may be charged according to the zip code.

3. Protection of Personal Data

Did you know that while you shop online or just surf the web, can anyone track all the information exchanged between your browser and the server and even change it? There are bad guys who really do it, their purpose is to get personal information.

Fortunately, there's an easy way to check if your internet connection is secure. Just click at the beginning of the line before the name of the site you loaded to view the protocol you are using.

Standard sites use the http: // extension before the site name. For the protected ones - after the letter p there is a letter s (see the image), which is a sign that your connection to the particular site is protected. It is especially important to check the security of the link on the page where you enter your credit/debit card data.

Starting January 2017, the Chrome browser inserted a "has protection" label in front of the domain name of the site. Often secure sites are displayed by clicking with a padlock or Secure.

And yet, it seems there are even more reasons to shop online. The deals! The selection! The convenience! All of this is enough to keep us increasingly glued to our computers. So if we're going to do more of our online shopping, we should do it right.

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Now what?

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xoxo, Galina

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